Blog Content: How Much Should You Spend on it?

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Need blog content for your business but don’t want to spend big bucks? You’re not alone. Whether you’re coming from a small business or part of a larger organization, no one wants to be paying more than they have to.

How much should you really spend on blog content, and does more money really buy better content? This and more will be covered here, today. So if you’re worried you’ve been overcharged for articles or you don’t want to overspend, here is your guide to buying blog content. 

How Much is Too Much?

When you need blog content for your website, it can be difficult to determine what to do. Should you hire a writer directly or go with an agency? How much is this going to cost, and how much is too much? 

When you’re looking to purchase content for your business, it’s important that you get quality work done for the price you pay. It is also important you don’t get overcharged for the writing you need. You want to make sure you’re paying enough to support the writer, but not so much that you’re breaking the bank. 

Some articles claim you need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a quality article. Others say it depends on the writer. What out of this is the truth? How much are you supposed to pay for quality blog content, and where can you go to find these content writers? 

Did you know that you don’t have to pay big money to get quality content? You just need to find writers at a lower rate. High-end writers charge upwards of a hundred dollars, but not every writer has such high rates.

The Average Writing Rates – What You Need to Know

Rates for content writing change drastically writer by writer. Whether you’re going by word count or hourly rates, they can change a lot depending on the writers you look at. But what if I told you there is affordable blog content ready for you at a low cost?

Writly offers just that. 

Writly is an agency that brings quality written content right to you. Just choose your package plan and you will be brought quality writing for your website in a short time frame. They offer this service at an affordable price while providing packages of quality blog content.

But how is this possible? We just went over the fact that some writers offer rates as high as $500. So, how does it all work? 

One thing that is important to make note of is that freelance writers can offer whatever rate they please. There is no guide that measures quality vs price. However, if you’re working with an agency that provides written work at a low cost, you are not getting scammed. 

Writers working for an agency are willing to offer their quality skills at a lower price but do not think this means the work is worse. Highly skilled and well-practiced writers work at agencies just like Writly with an agreed-upon rate of compensation for your work. Content has never been this affordable. So don’t worry, you can get affordable content and not risk the quality.

So, How Much Should I Pay?

There is much debate on how much you should pay for an article, this is mostly because writers who set their own rates have created a wide spectrum for us to decide from. However, you only really have to pay between $10-25 for a short and quality article. You can do this today with Writly. 

Getting quality articles for your website doesn’t have to be difficult. You can assign your work to a writer for a low rate, there are always writers with rates that fit your budget and can produce decent blog content. All this aside, you will surely find someone to write your content for you. There is no shortage of writers. So, where do we find them? 

Where Are the Writers?

Now that we have established what rates are offered and how much is too much, we can dive a bit deeper. If you’re wondering where you can find a writer to write high-quality blog posts for your website or business, look no further. 

Other sources claim higher rates are necessary for the same amount of blog posts and content. Writly is different. Writly offers services at a reasonable and affordable price for you and your business. Writing services don’t have to be breaking the bank, you don’t have to sacrifice quality either. 


Overall, there are many different means of getting your content written, some more pricy than others. But for your content, choose the option that will provide you with the high-quality content you need at an affordable price. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. 

Choose Writly to write your blog content the right way and the most cost-effective way. Contact Writly to get your content written today. 

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